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Oral and Facial Trauma: Types and Treatments

July 21, 2023

Just as traumatic injuries can occur to the body, they can also occur in and around the mouth. Oral trauma can range from dental lacerations to more severe damage to the soft tissues and many bones of the face and skull. These injuries are often caused by motor vehicle accidents, assaults, sports or work related injuries, and falls.

At the office of Northeast Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center, our highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon is trained to provide treatment for all types of facial trauma including the emergency management of oral and maxillofacial injuries, as well as any required facial reconstruction procedures.

Some of the most common injuries include:

Injuries of the teeth and surrounding bone: These include teeth that have been dislodged with or without a part of the surrounding bone, or a tooth that has been completely “knocked out” of its socket. Treatment of these injuries needs to be performed without delay to reposition and stabilize the involved teeth and/or bone in the correct positions.

Soft Tissue Injuries: These include lacerations within the mouth and facial lacerations. The diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries involves repairing the injury to achieve the best cosmetic result, and to maintain function and sensation in the involved area.

Facial Bone Fractures: These include fractures of the upper or lower jaws, fractures to the orbit of the eye, the cheekbone, and nasal fractures. Facial bone fractures are treated in much the same way as fractures of other parts of the body. The goals are to restore alignment, prevent any infections from developing, reestablish function, and to maintain normal facial appearance.

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